With Nero BackItUp, you can set up and configure the automatic Autobackup. Once it has been set up, Autobackup is available on your computer’s notification area and backs up the folders that you specify in the background.
You can choose between two Autobackup options:
Activate Autobackup to automatically back up files and folders to local and external hard drives
Activate Autobackup with Nero Online Backup to automatically back up files and folders online.
The one Autobackup option stores the backup on a hard drive whereas the other Autobackup option uses the Internet service Nero Online Backup to store the backup online.
When using Autobackup to store on a hard drive, you can define a backup schedule. The Autobackup that stores online does so automatically every time a change in the monitored folders takes place.




Autobackup formats the external or internal hard drive with the NTFS file system if it is formatted with another file system. In this case, all data on this drive will be lost.





Nero Online Backup offers you an online data storage (which is subject to charge). We recommend a broadband Internet connection (e.g. DSL-1000 or faster) for uploading the files to be backed up. The costs for the Internet connection and the costs for using the Internet service Nero Online Backup are the user’s responsibility.